Another Free Attraction in Las Vegas Shut Down

The closure of free Las Vegas attractions continues, as the Grand Canal Shoppes at the Venetian have announced the elimination of all living statues, dancers, and musical performers. This decision comes on the heels of the news that the Mirage Volcano may have permanently closed.

The “Streetmosphere” performers, who have been entertaining tourists in the shopping mall’s St. Mark’s Square since the Venetian opened in 1999, will no longer be a part of the indoor shopping mall’s attractions. The closure was announced via a tweet from @VegasStarFish, and was covered by’s blogger Scott Roeben in his unique style.

The Grand Canal Shoppes, home to about 200 stores, is operated by Brookfield Properties, which confirmed the decision to let go of the performers. In a statement to Roeben, they expressed gratitude for the years of fantastic Streetmosphere performances but emphasized the need to bring in new and innovative experiences for their guests.

The closure has left about 15 performers without jobs just as the holiday season approaches. According to reports, the free “Streetmosphere” entertainment did not generate enough revenue to justify its costs. In recent years, the living statues were rebranded as “couture living statues” in an attempt to increase their appeal, but the change did not lead to the desired results.

However, not all performers at the Grand Canal Shoppes have been affected by the closure. The singing gondoliers, specifically those who navigate through the shopping mall, will continue to have their jobs. On the other hand, gondoliers who work outside in the faux canal at the Venetian will face temporary unemployment due to the draining of the canal for the F1 Las Vegas Grand Prix. The space created by the drained canal will be used for an outdoor viewing and dining platform for the event.