Buffalo Bills Part Ways with Offensive Coordinator Ken Dorsey Following Disappointing MNF Defeat

The Buffalo Bills have fired their offensive coordinator, Ken Dorsey, following a disappointing 24-22 loss to the Denver Broncos on Monday Night Football. This decision comes amidst a turbulent season for the Bills, as they have slipped to a 5-5 record and are at risk of missing the playoffs if their performance does not improve. The Bills have the toughest remaining schedule in the NFL, with four out of their next five opponents being playoff teams from last season.

This move by the Bills reflects the team’s urgency to make changes and regain momentum. With a 19% chance of making the playoffs and only a 1% chance of winning the Super Bowl, according to a postseason projection by Upshot, the Bills are in dire need of a turnaround.

The team’s offensive struggles have been particularly evident, as they have only averaged 21 points per game in their last six matches, compared to 38 points per game in their first three victories of the season. Additionally, the Bills’ defense has been impacted by injuries, placing a heavier burden on the offense to secure wins.

In light of these challenges, the Bills have appointed Joe Brady as the interim offensive coordinator, hoping to revitalize the team’s offensive performance. Brady, who previously served as the quarterbacks coach for the Bills, brings experience as an offensive coordinator from his time with the Carolina Panthers.

The Bills’ recent loss to the Broncos on Monday Night Football showcased their struggles, with numerous missed opportunities and defensive lapses contributing to their defeat. This lackluster performance is emblematic of the Bills’ overall decline, as reflected in their declining odds of making the playoffs and winning the Super Bowl.

Looking ahead, the Bills face an uphill battle as they prepare to take on the New York Jets and the Philadelphia Eagles in the coming weeks. With the odds stacked against them, the Bills must make significant improvements to their game if they hope to salvage their season and secure a spot in the playoffs.