David Blaine Reveals Surprising Plans for his Vegas NYE Shows

A month before David Blaine’s new Las Vegas residency, “IMpossible,” is set to debut at the Encore Theater, Blaine has promised to attempt “so many dangerous things” during the show. In an interview with the New York Post, the illusionist revealed some of the stunts audiences can expect during his residency at the Wynn Las Vegas.

Blaine will perform a variety of death-defying acts such as swallowing a metal coat hanger, holding his breath underwater for up to 10 minutes, and attempting the infamous ice pick trick. He also plans to incorporate interactive elements into his show, including a mysterious final trick involving audience members and decks of cards.

However, Blaine won’t be attempting certain stunts that he previously considered. During the filming of “Beyond Belief,” a TV series he co-executive-produced for Disney+ and Nat Geo, Blaine encountered extreme stunt performers in Southern Asia. While he was intrigued by the idea of puncturing his torso with skewers and hooks, his doctor advised him against it. Despite his history of extreme stunts, Blaine took his doctor’s advice and decided not to attempt the risky stunt.

Blaine’s previous residency at Resorts World, which ran from September 2022 to June 2023, was not without its own challenges. During a stunt that involved jumping from a lighting truss onto a bed of cardboard boxes, Blaine dislocated his right shoulder. Rather than cancel the show, Blaine made the dislocation part of the act. A convention of orthopedic doctors in the audience came to his aid, and one of them was able to successfully put Blaine’s shoulder back into place.

Blaine’s upcoming residency at the Encore Theater will run from December 29 to 31, with additional dates in February, March, and May. Tickets for the show are available through Ticketmaster, with prices starting at $69.95 plus taxes and fees.