Dismantling Vegas Myths: The Rat Pack Did Not Refer to Themselves as Such

The famous group known as the Rat Pack – consisting of Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr., Joey Bishop, and Peter Lawford – never actually performed under that name. In fact, Sinatra despised the nickname and referred to it as “that stupid phrase.”

The group had their own names for themselves, first preferring “The Clan” before eventually settling on “The Summit.” They were known for their iconic shows at the Copa Room at the Sands, with marquee saying things like “DEAN MARTIN, MAYBE FRANK, MAYBE SAMMY.” Throughout their performances, they never once used “The Rat Pack” as their name.

The Rat Pack originally referred to a group of Hollywood cronies surrounding Humphrey Bogart. After his death, Sinatra, Martin, and Davis formed a new group. They had their own coat of arms, motto, and assigned titles.

The misunderstanding about the group’s name comes from years of entertainment headlines that referred to them as the Rat Pack, as well as albums and cover bands using the name. Even a 2015 plaque at the Venetian was placed acknowledging the Rat Pack, further solidifying the incorrect name.

In reality, the group never endorsed the Rat Pack name, and it was not something they ever used themselves. The confusion has persisted for decades, but the truth is that the Rat Pack never existed as a performing group in Las Vegas.