F1 Las Vegas Grand Prix Unveils Real-Time Pole Position Display Sphere

Sphere Entertainment (NYSE: SPHR) has revealed that the upcoming F1 race will feature real-time pole position displays, driver helmets, and a unique podium moment to commemorate the race winner. The race will take place at the T-Mobile Zone on the Las Vegas Strip Circuit, with the track traveling around the globular theater at turns five through nine.

In a recent practice run, Sphere demonstrated its ability to showcase live cues during a sporting event by displaying the Netflix Cup golf tournament in Las Vegas. This was also a trial in relinquishing control of the world’s largest LED display to a third party, as Sphere has historically managed all of its content since activating the Exosphere on July 4.

According to Emily Prazer, chief commercial officer for Las Vegas Grand Prix, Inc., Sphere’s Exosphere will enhance the race experience, transforming every lap into a mesmerizing spectacle for both live and global TV audiences. The real-time pole positions, thrilling podium celebrations, and dynamic showcase of all 20 drivers and their cars will be displayed in larger-than-life format.

The display will also feature helmets from the racers, which can serve as selfie backdrops for fans in attendance. Additionally, Sphere will offer opportunities for fans to see their own faces projected onto the massive LED display.

Joel Fisher, executive vice president of marquee events and operations for MSG Entertainment, expressed excitement about showcasing Sphere’s capabilities to the global audience, both in person in Las Vegas and to viewers around the world during the F1 event. This event marks an opportunity for Sphere Entertainment to highlight the technological and creative prowess of the Exosphere on a global stage.