Kelly Oubre of 76ers Involved in Hit-and-Run Accident: Injury Update

Philadelphia 76ers player Kelly Oubre faces a long recovery after getting injured in a hit-and-run accident in Philadelphia. Oubre was struck while crossing a street in downtown Philly, sustaining multiple fractured ribs, hip, and leg injuries. The 76ers anticipate that Oubre will miss a significant amount of time due to the accident, but hope for his return before the season concludes.

The team signed Oubre on a one-year contract at a veteran’s minimum salary, and he quickly proved to be a valuable addition, particularly following the trade of James Harden. Oubre contributed to the 76ers’ strong start to the season with an 8-1 record, including a win over the Indiana Pacers. In that game, Tyrese Maxey dedicated his career-high 50-point performance to Oubre, acknowledging his impact on the team despite just recently joining.

Moreover, the 76ers have been notably successful after the turbulent trade of Harden, who expressed discontent with the organization. The team also underwent significant changes with the hiring of a new head coach, Nick Nurse. These changes seem to have positively impacted their game, resulting in a current best betting record in the NBA and a promising outlook for the season. Despite the challenges, the 76ers appear to be in a strong position to contend for the championship, given their early success and the resilience displayed by the team.