Las Vegas Casino Dealers Under Investigation for Cheating

Nevada Gaming Officials Investigate Cheating Allegations at Rampart Casino

Nevada gaming investigators are looking into allegations of cheating by two baccarat dealers at the Rampart Casino in Las Vegas, as reported by KLAS-TV. The suspected dealers, Yuxuan Leng and another unnamed individual, are accused of helping players win thousands of dollars through illicit means.

The investigation was sparked by a report from a Rampart employee to the Nevada Gaming Control Board (NGCB) in May 2022. The employee became suspicious when two long-time baccarat players began winning unusually large amounts. Casino surveillance allegedly captured Leng and the other dealer revealing gaming cards to the players prior to the conclusion of gameplay on six separate occasions in May. This allowed the players to know the game outcomes in advance and win a total of $5,000. One of the players admitted to the collusion when confronted by casino security, while the other denied any involvement.

Yuxuan Leng was arrested on November 2 and is facing charges of cheating and attempting or conspiring to cheat at a gambling game. The unnamed dealer was also arrested by NGCB investigators, although his criminal status remains unclear.

This is not the first instance of baccarat cheating to come to light. In June 2020, Ying Yu, a former baccarat dealer at the Strat, was arrested for a cheating scheme called “dumping.” This involves a dealer fraudulently benefiting a player while receiving extra tips. In another case from December 2019, Ming Zhang, a former Maryland baccarat dealer, was sentenced to 18 months in prison for his involvement in a million-dollar baccarat cheating scheme.

The actions of Zhang and his co-conspirators led the casino to lose over a million dollars. Zhang pleaded guilty to a single count of conspiracy to transport stolen funds and was ordered to pay back the casino for the total amount of the loss after his release from prison.

These cases highlight the ongoing issue of cheating in baccarat games in casinos, prompting increased vigilance from gaming regulators to ensure the integrity of the games.