Las Vegas Casinos Offer Contests to Improve Employee Attendance During F1 Racing Event

Las Vegas Casino Resorts Resort to Contests to Encourage Work During F1 Grand Prix
By: Staff Writer

Several casino resort operators on the Las Vegas Strip have turned to contests as a way to entice their employees to work during this weekend’s F1 Las Vegas Grand Prix. This move comes amidst concerns that regular pay may not be enough to ensure full staffing during a time when it is crucial to have the necessary workforce.

According to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, the Caesars Entertainment group, which operates nine Strip resorts, is offering substantial prizes – including spa and restaurant comps, as well as a grand prize of a 2024 BMW X3 – to employees who complete all their scheduled or on-call shifts during race week. This program was detailed in an internal communications video that was initially posted on YouTube but later made private.

The Venetian resort is also getting in on the action with their own $250K “Race to the Finish” contest, featuring cash prizes ranging from $500 to $10K and a grand prize of a new Tesla Model 3 or $25,000 cash, as reported by the R-J. In order to qualify, hourly Venetian employees must work every scheduled or on-call shift between last Sunday night and Monday, Nov. 20.

A spokesperson for the Venetian emphasized the importance of showing gratitude and appreciation to their team members after a year of hard work, commitment, flexibility, and patience. The spokesperson stated, “We want the prizes and experiences for our Team Members to be over-the-top and reflect the same excitement that our guests will enjoy during this iconic week in Las Vegas.”

Employees working during race week can expect to encounter unpredictable and unprecedented challenges, including travel and parking issues, as well as demanding guests on a Las Vegas Strip that is closed to both vehicular and pedestrian traffic.

As casino resort operators in Las Vegas resort to creative methods to ensure adequate staffing during the F1 Las Vegas Grand Prix, it is clear that the industry recognizes the importance of having a full team to handle the demands of such a significant event.