New Record Set for Monthly Passengers at Las Vegas Airport

In October, Las Vegas’ primary airport experienced a surge in passenger traffic, setting a new monthly record. According to reports from Harry Reid International, almost 5.5 million travelers arrived or departed from Sin City last month, marking the highest number of passengers in the airport’s history. This figure surpassed the previous record of 5.2 million passengers set in October 2022 by 10%, and also exceeded the record set earlier this year in May, which saw 5 million visitors.

The majority of the passenger traffic was domestic, with Southwest Airlines emerging as the leading carrier, transporting 1.9 million passengers in and out of Harry Reid International. International travel, although smaller in comparison, also experienced a significant increase, with 315,147 travelers in October. This represents the highest monthly number for international travel and a nearly 30% surge compared to October 2022.

Rosemary Vassiliadis, Clark County Director of Aviation, attributed the increase in passenger volume to the growth and evolving entertainment landscape of Las Vegas. She mentioned that the city’s status as the sports and entertainment capital of the world has contributed to the surge in airport visitation.

Looking ahead, the record set in October may not hold for long, as the airport is expected to release even higher numbers for November. The recent inaugural Formula 1 Grand Prix, which attracted over 105,000 spectators to the Strip, is anticipated to drive significant passenger traffic, particularly from Europe. As a result, it is likely that the November figures will surpass the record set in October, affirming Las Vegas’ status as a premier destination for travelers worldwide.