TripAdvisor Ranks Vegas Casino Resorts for Filthiest Conditions

In a recent publication by, a list of the dirtiest casino resorts in Las Vegas has been revealed. The findings were derived from an analysis of over 500,000 reviews from, focusing on keywords associated with uncleanliness such as “dirty,” “filthy,” “disgusting,” and “bed bugs.”

Topping the list of the filthiest casino resort was the OYO Hotel & Casino, formerly known as Hooters Casino Hotel, with 28% of its reviews containing unclean keywords. A disgruntled guest described their experience as unsanitary, citing poorly painted room d├ęcor, dirty carpets, and unsanitized furniture.

Following closely behind were the Excalibur Hotel & Casino and the Luxor, both properties owned by MGM Resorts, with unclean keyword scores of 27.2% and 26.9%, respectively.

In contrast, the cleaner end of the spectrum was led by The Mansion at MGM Grand, with an unclean keyword rating of only 4.1%. This was followed by NoMad Las Vegas at Park MGM (4.4%) and Encore at Wynn Las Vegas (4.9%). However, the luxury of cleanliness comes at a cost, with one-bedroom suites at The Mansion starting at $5,000 per night.

A full list of the top 20 dirtiest casino resorts, ranked from the dirtiest to the cleanest, was provided by, shedding light on the state of cleanliness in various Las Vegas properties.

This revelation raises doubts about the methodology used, as there are at least 66 casino resorts in Las Vegas, yet only 49 were included in the analysis. Regardless, it serves as a cautionary tale for travelers looking to book accommodations in Las Vegas.

Overall, the report serves as a reminder for both casino operators and guests to prioritize cleanliness and uphold high standards in the hospitality industry.