Vegas F1 Race Sets New Records, According to DraftKings

Las Vegas Grand Prix Breaks Betting Records for Formula 1

The recent Las Vegas Grand Prix held last week was a major hit for sportsbooks, with DraftKings reporting that it was the most wagered on Formula 1 race in the company’s history. The event, which took place in Sin City, saw a surge in bets, breaking records for both the amount of money wagered and the number of bets placed.

The race, which marked the first Las Vegas Formula One (F1) race in four decades, attracted significant attention from both sportsbook operators and online betting platforms. DraftKings, in particular, noted that the Las Vegas Grand Prix surpassed the 2021 Belgian Grand Prix as their most bet on F1 race to date.

Since the race on November 18, gaming companies, especially those with a presence in Nevada, have been publishing data confirming that the event was the most wagered on F1 race in their respective histories. DraftKings also shared data indicating a growth in F1 betting among domestic bettors, highlighting the race’s popularity.

F1 is quickly gaining traction among bettors, showcasing a rise in handle and number of wagers. In fact, nine of the top 10 F1 races in DraftKings history took place since the start of the 2022 season, with six happening this year. The Las Vegas Grand Prix and the Miami Grand Prix, two of the series’ three US races, were part of this group.

Interestingly, DraftKings, along with rival FanDuel, does not take bets in Nevada, yet they were able to achieve record-breaking numbers for the Las Vegas Grand Prix. This highlights the growing popularity of the series among bettors and suggests that F1 could be the next big thing for sportsbooks and bettors alike.

While DraftKings is expected to eventually enter the Nevada market, the success of the Las Vegas Grand Prix demonstrates that the company doesn’t need a presence in the state to benefit from the race. The event’s popularity has proven to be a major win for both sportsbooks and bettors, and it is clear that F1 is on the rise in the betting world.